i am just in so much pain and doing all I can to make sense of everything. I can tell you so much. Ishwara! Look my dear sister, stay strong and God will give you the strength to get through this.remember that these Filthy Beasts are only using religion to furthur their vested interests,THEY ARE NOT TRUE DEVOTEES OR GURUS. The GBC has commited the most abominable crime in the universe. Its every mans duty too protect women and children not child molesting vermin in the guise of a Devotee. I gave-up everything to become a devotee, & they treated me like garbage knowing full-well that i had no place to go.When i got sick they were only concerned that i wasn’t able to do my services. That is the only way you will get justice. Ruin them. Trains did not run as often. it hurts my heart to think of you in the kind of anguish that you expressed in your first letter. I don’t know anymore who is up there but I know His love was not supposed to be like this…. They actually arent devotees but just wolves in sheep skin. Noone cared. this hole movement is going to the dogs, if the honest devotees don’ t stand up I am of the first generation also, but left the movement after experiencing was a verbal attack by another devotee. “Gita Made Easy”, a course designed and facilitated by Amarendra Gaura Das and his wife Sukirti Madhavi Dasi from ISKCON Chennai was an attempt to deliver the Bhagavad Gita to 2020’s disturbed population at large. Can you imagine the bad karma such a false criminal guru will accumulate for himself? was arrested 3X because our party leader selling paintings did not follow the law with canvasing permits. Hello, hare krishna. Also many times they are actually mayavadis and do not agree with the Vaisnava philosophy at all and they create havoc preaching their bogus philosophies in the guise of ISKCON devotees. However, I feel strongly about two things. Let me share with you an unfortunate event that occurred with one of our Hare Krishna community, Jaipur, India ( not ISCKON) devotee Pradyumna Das, who was forcibly abducted by his own family just after his initiation from representative of Srila Prabhupada. She degraded me, insulted me, compared me to people she didn’t like and was not at all affectionate. Allow Krsna to show you the best love and care there is… I will be praying for you. You survive incalculable abuse, yet find it in your heat to try not to offend…after all you’ve been through. Everyday I have to find a reason why I should stay. We must meditate as often as possible in order to avoid disconnect and aimless wandering. In my own experience..I visited Vrindavan many times. This is not as per Vaishnava cult. The times I spent in cared for by devotee is the only thing that kept me alive, now I speak to krishna who touched my heart when I nearly did from electricusion. The first girl has suffered very badly in the hands of immature teachers. I could tell you about some of my hellish experiences that almost killed me but what would that accomplish. If I could take away the pain, the suffering and the memories I would. l can understand because I am an Indian. best wishes He held Jamuna river and full moon as a witness to his love and promises.He was teaching me BG and i was worshipping him as God. You should expose those monsters who disguise themselves as ‘devotees’ and make their names and details public so they can feel the force of justice and pay duly for their inhumane crimes. Gita Jayanti 2020. You are correct. !1Please don’t take yrself away from krishna b’se of some fool;krishna alwyas shows way to even the most fallen soul. This is outright wrong!!! Please hear me when i say that when you discover this, you’ll be able to overcome the spiritual block that came from this oppression…and overcome the sadness and anger as well. So this has totally spoiled the whole thing. Did Srila prabhupad ever told any one or in his books to celebrate vysasanas for his Disciples. We need to preserve Srila Prabhupada’s original teachings or demoniac forces will do the same as they did to other religions like Christianity, Islam etc. Only by chanting his name and not following his teachings will be meaningless and its proof is in Mahabharat according which Soodama great devotee of Krishna, who was poor and always chants name of Krishna, only gets physical gain like money, palace e.t.c on the other hand Arjuna who was great warrior,honest, morally sound and a protector by nature got all the things from Krishna, also those things that were not even revealed by Krishna to anyone in past, while Arjuna was a friend of Krishna not a devotee. CHANT: Hare Krishna, Hare Krishna, Krishna, Krishna Hare Hare / Hare Rama, Hare Rama, Rama Rama Hare Hare and be happy! What they did to u can never be justified ,and must be prosecuted , not in another lifetime ,but in THIS ONE. Oh this is really terrible Don’t know were you are but it seems that when such groups go to America it all gos sour.. India full of this too please Listen this is not the vedas this is sick men, who are control freaks totally anti Dharma anti cosmos Krishna is not a man but a wonderful force, as is Shiva Durga ect, please be strong your part of the cosmic oneness and loved, these people who hurt cause harm are anti dharma anti society, and in maharbarta would have been destroyed! So most of the gurus now including most of the gurus in ISKCON are like this, they are in the “guru business” for some personal benefit. There are lots of beautiful and heart-warming stories in the Bhagwat that Will soothe your soul and help you find the inner peace and courage to fight on!! I admire u girl. Hare Krishna Lukas. So morality is going down day by day. And accept that she was the victim. I pray the hurting ones run with it! I did not see him in 10 years+ and as an old friend wanted to say hello. perverted mind, scrambled eggs would be the best, to make them learn a lesson. I assure you your pain and suffering will go away.Krishna will guide you. HE FORGOT ABOUT the $90 he owed me for working in his restaurant and I never asked him for it. If you have not transcendental to these emotional feelings and are in lamentation, and you are certainly wallowing in Maya because you have no shelter under the lotus feet of a true guru. Shesha dasa who is a renegade among the GBC. and there are many of us out there. That is the opposite to sad. Other than that, the rape and abuse of its own children will take center stage. My deepest respect to them . ISKCON really seems to be badly hit by philantrophic interests… the many seminars, meetings, councilling, systems all reflect how leadership had fallen. If we are adults and we try and practice Krishna consciousness and fall down in our efforts and have illicit sex due to conditioning that is a different story. So they have no power to help you in your quest for spiritual advancement. It is not possible. That’s true humility, and virtue. Now its like my faith in ISCKON is trembling… From last 6 months I have been reading Prabhupada books and really found great solace and an eternal connection with Lord Krishna. No justification for that. You have faced a lot . Hopefully nice devotees stick together somewhere and i will find them. To much pain…. Movement is not just to creep or crawl, but to be dynamic. It cost me $800 to stay in a motel as a result. Also, how can sex enjoyment is that dirty? This article is frightening. Hare Krishna Hare Krishna Krishna Krishna Hare Hare. To my God Sister i’m so sorry for the abuse that you experienced at the hands of the lowest form life{a person who hurts a child}. To believe that material assets will be spotlighted, is just another ISKCON illusion. the acts o violence did not happen in the “mind”. I totally understand her ,and this is not the time nor a place to preach to her. Little Sister i often times question KRSNA’s love probably because i am a novice with no qualification to understand KRSNA’s Yogamaya. Nobody can escape from the hands of time. Human beings are “Greatest Shameless beings”. It seems that one would reach self realization by renouncing material life, and live like a monk, who will have of course to be careful to don’t enjoy anything coming from this world. And by studying beautiful Gaudiya teachings we could have learned how to develop real rasa with the divine couple one day. He lied to me and told me it was a mistake and I had to go. They destroy everyone around them. Please stay strong. Time-Schedule: Six plus one month. Those wretched dogs of satan!!! while reading your article, start a web side for all to see the many molesters faces i sit here remembering all that anutama has said, all that ISCKON has done to me. He will never let you down. You’v done some evil and just plain Terrorizing things to me and to my godbrothers and sisters. He did not discuss the matter with me. coursing to children and youngsters all all kind. You are correct of course. Course fee – No charges, free of cost. But it did not only bring money, but dirtiness too. Had ISKCON made as much noise about the monsters who raped children as they do about plans to protect assets, their concerns would have been self evident. Our online sessions will be conducted via zoom. Because I was Sharad Bihari dasa, I wanted to stay and serve Radha Sharad Bihari instead of running away to a new temple. I still carry resentments of inhumane treatment I got in Iskcon. They also poisoned Prabhupadato death. You’re capable of completely changing around your life and doing something great however hard it my seem. These so called fake Gurus that have joined the Hare Krishna Movement are only doing it for the money and are misusing the teachings of Gaudiya Vishnavism by saying to the population that they cannot get dharshan from Krishna unless they satisfy the Guru. Let us pray that the Supreme Personality of Godhead will bless her and be merciful unto her in view of her seeking His pathway in the development of consciousness.She could try chanting his name and praying earnestly to Him for guidance, and direction. But it is a tough challenge to keep the promise that the cloth wants one to keep. ISKCON was founded in 1966 in New York City by A. C. Bhaktivedanta Swami Prabhupada. Power corrupts, absolute power corrupts absolutely! But I do have a sister who was sexually abused by a relative and understand from the pain from through her perspective. But eventually, over time, I’ve come to terms with the pain, and have been able to separate the action of one very stupid devotee, from those who are sincere and caring people. Over the next several days, we’ll explore what is the ancient message which was … Crime against krishna’s children . Whether it is being sexually molested, exploited beaten up or cheated by bogus gurus, it’s all varieties of misery. Yes. I DONT CARE. So it is actually you who does not understand Gaudiya Philosophy. i don’t know what infuriates me more the fact that demonic preditors committed these kinds of offenses or that good men stood bye and let it happen. I plead to you to continue your devotion to Krishna and accept that Prabhupad is your one and only Guru. So now I got it. I just need so badly to be HEARD for things to change and for JUSTICE….. I will not here mention u Krishna or gurus or anything ,but will just tell u that i hope u will find some strength in yourself to heal with time. Now He’s in the next life i look back on the time we spent together and i love him. Annutama is a demon helping these sub human monsters. Krishna guarantees to protect us from all sinful reactions when we surrendering to Him .”Have no fear!” Then these bogus devotees come and tell her what she experienced was a result of her past karma like there is a punishing God destructive unmerciful God. ‘ In the age of Dwapar-Yug, even the kingdom (Dwarka) which was founded by Lord Sri Krishna ji, became corrupt in power and lust, the citizens of Dwarka, after intoxication, fight with each other and finally killed each other.’ Then what we can say about an organisation (ISKCON) which was founded and managed by mere human beings that too in the age of Kali-Yug. I wanted to kill myslef. His Divine Grace A.C. Bhaktivedanta Swami Prabhupada (1896-1977) is widely regarded as the foremost Vedic scholar, translator, and teacher of the modern era. And you can take advantage of their association by reading Prabhupada’s books. I would hate too if it happened to me. Now Shesha is a lawyer. There is Krishna and he will surely give you justice . These big temples are secondary… use the resources wisely and focus on devotees life…. The GBC keeps promoting themselves as qualified and Ravindra Svarupa took drug money from New Vrindavan as a payoff for power. But we can not. It\’s just that I see many people who consider themselves followers of the gaudīya line, who actually don\’t believe deep down in themselves in those teachings (this with karma and “you don\’t deserve this” idea is just one example). You are worth all the love and care in the world. my sincere intentions to hug you in your desparated mind.Please,accept that perhaps there are many real devotees You are a gifted person because even after you have suffered alot , you have not lost your wisdom . Prabhupada has explained the difference between the genuine Guru and the fake Guru. I helped Haryashva open up the first Govinda;’s restaurant in the 1980’s. Hare Krishna, But Prahlada did not deserve this torture. LWithout this family spirit, many devotees will continue to suffer. More than 1,800 Hours of NEW PRABHUPADA AUDIO! Gurukul Vetren’s article continues below this note: Readers should be informed that this young lady has already apologized for her strong language against Sri Krsna and Srila Prabhupada (read comments: “Iskcon files for bankruptcy” 11/2/02). The Appearance of Lord Nrsimhadeva Play — New Govardhana, Australia May 1991. i’ve forgiven him for his shortcomings and i’m grateful. We always desire respect, Srila Bhaktisiddhanta Saraswati Thakura Prabhupada said this is the most difficult desire to give up. everyday i have to find a reason why i should stay. I thought we will be together forever and such a man can not cheat me. So they want to become the leader of the group, give the classes, become the guru, etc. Sometimes the girls would slip chapatis under the door for me…. When Prabhupada left Satsvarupa and others in GBC began their conspiracy. Than he was given drug injections to keep him unconscious. So much pain and tears… If you could just see what you have done to me..to us…. LORD NASHRIND DEV IS ALL POWERFUL AND PROTECTS ALL WHO FOLLOW AND WORSHIP HIM WITHOUT DOUBT, CHANT HIS NAME ALWAYS AND YOU WILL NEVER SEE DANGER AGAIN…. Sister you DID NOT deserve this, anyone who try’s to justify this abomination or place the blame on your karma is a fool. Because devotees are enjoying a higher spiritual pleasure they have no interest in these lower things. Cause that’s all I think about is just ENDING my miserable life…. Of course there is no sense in it, it was a crazy mans life. Lord Nashrind Dev will punish them all ten fold for the evil they have committed. The course is based on the teachings of Srila Prabhupada and current ISKCON Law and references the writings of the broader Gaudiya Vaisnava tradition. I am not sure who you have been talking to about Krishna consciousness but you seem to have got the wrong impression. It’s helping me heal. They are everyday confronted to the world but “flirt” with it, not getting destroyed by it. Hare Krishna, prabhu. Learn the essence of Bhakti yoga and philosophy through Bhagavad Gita in 20 days. Dont depend on mundane protection. This is a systematic and scientific online Bhagavad Gita course designed by HG Lila Purushottam Prabhu (Prof., IITK) who is director of BGIS, Mathura. But now; 40 years later they are like hurtful babies crying in the woods. The generation is stressed in so many cases. This composition as compiled by the great sage Vyasadeva has been endearing to all those who seek Truth, who look for perfection, who are interested in a complete science of everything irrespective of … You will receive the zoom meeting details via email to the email address you enter on eventbrite or meetup upon … He wants us to join His movement and take part in it. i donot want to force this concept to anyone. We should preach his original teachings and distribute his original books as much as we can this is only way to defeat these demons. now he is a lawyer and part of supporting the broken ISKCON. And the situation is such that you cannot refuse them without creating a scene. The content and the presentation technique vary according to the level of audience. I have had many run-ins with them in the past and all of them left me feeling that this was nothing but forcing people. You are an example of a pure person . Avoid ISKCON and take shelter of Srila Prabhupada. I am struggling in chanting amd following, so i consider going to ISKCON even there is so much controversy. Yes. in srila prabhupadas movement, to ring out the old…and ring in a new consciousness. Shesha dasa is suppose to be a Prabupada disciple and is also part of the renegade GBC which has destroyed ISKCON. They just used you for their selfish means. It has been designed for devotees who have been practicing Krishna consciousness seriously for one year with a basic sastric knowledge and understanding. Please try again later. There is only frustration and repeated birth and death in the material world. BHAGAVAD-GITA COURSE by ISKCON Bangalore published on 2015-05-12T10:21:04Z. Free Bhagavad Gita Course in English - Visit Learn Gita Live Gita now for free online Bhagavad Gita Course in English. Then the federal government closed Govinda’s down in 2019 because he believed he was above the law as a devotee and ended up owing the government thousands of dollars. Mataji, Please accept my obeisances. Unlike how i was raised. I hope you have received alot of healing and love and that you can continue to heal more….as we all are, slowly but surely. I can’t compare the physical and emotional torture you went through, to my hurt feelings. 5.Restaurants serving cool drinks It doesn’t make Krishna’s message less important or true. My obeisances to you. He grow up in different culture and didnt have much knowledge on material issues , but he left free way to some psychos and fucking pedophiles to hang on to his few statements and to base their crime on it. And no matter how much you surrender to and serve such a bogus guru you will not get advancement in Krishna consciousness. I am a local of mayapur. I won’t go into details but suffice it to say his words cut deep, and we’re totally unnecessary and mean. This is a descending process where we beg for the mercy of Chaitanya Mahaprabhu because we can not eradicate our sinful condition through our own endeavors. First we give ads in newspapers to get people enroll for the course. However Srila Prabhupada is not like this, Srila Prabhupada is a pure devotee of Krishna. The Holy Name will save us by taking shelter of a bona fide Guru. This is our chance to make Him proud. This article needs to be heard!!! In the same measure, the essential teachings of this timeless classic can also be encapsulated in shorter timeframes based on the recipient’s receptivity. But all of you abused, move on and let it go. They torture devotees. Damn me ,if i would ever give my baby son to any type of religios school (gurukula especially) .EVER ! Hare Rama Hare Rama Rama Rama hare Hare. Krishna Consciousness means doing things for Krishna and keeping Krishna in mind whatever you do. You are correct. The only thing I ould love to share with all u is that Krishna is not a copyright of iskcon people or any of its gurus or prabhus!!!! Every jiva has suffered misty in one form or another. so please don’t hurt your self, it only makes the molesters and control freaks stronger. Indian men think that for all women having sex is just a fun and they can use anyone. Skip to main content. I got the truth out in the open. Do good deeds to get good results For wrong deeds face results in this janma or future janmas When he wanted he left her and went to others. When I arrived he threw me out. I am shamefully sorrowful for your suffering, for all our children who experienced such torture. I feel that the fact you’re alive and able to cope with the pain is a sign of Krsna’s mercy. I just want Justice…… now in this lifetime. Bhagavad Gita Pathshala, Bhaktivedanta Gurukula and International School Vrindavan, Mathura Uttar Pradesh - 281121 www.bgis.org. So if you surrender to this process and live your life in that way and when you hear Srila Prabhupada giving you instructions if you follow them, if you actually change your life according to the instructions you get from Srila Prabhupada, then you will become very firmly situated in Krishna consciousness and will make rapid advancement. This is the single most concentrated case of child-abuse in the history of man. To me, that’s the heart of a true Vaisnava. Currently we are offering the Bhakti Shastri course and in future we will be offering others courses including pre-Bhakti Shastri courses such as Six Session Bhagavad-gita course and post-Bhakti Shastri courses Bhakti Vaibhava course. May the Supreme Lord offer her true solace and a purposeful life. I understand your feelings and I feel the same way. Only a true Guru is qualified for adoration and satisfaction, and this mean that the disciple shows unconditional love for the Guru and his teachings, it has noting to do with physical and sexual satisfaction. beasts.,and so on…Please,write a message to me,because I am worried about you,dear.I would like to read that you feel a little better and that you don´t feel alone anymore,That some devotees are with you.supporting your suffering and helping you to feel better in your own life… when a Vaisnava commits a crime against another Vaisnava by mistake, there is a prescribed process of atonement. To all the Vaishnavas please except my fallen obeisances, Sincerely james, And though after i left i abandoned my sadhana for a little while, i eventually came back to Prabhupada…i began reading again and developed my relationship with Krsna and Prabhupada on my OWN terms and wasn’t confused by unqualified people dictating scripture and Prabhupada’s divine teachings. I believe it is our life’s purpose as devotees to be true to ourselves, and to be sincere, this includes honesty with our selves in regard to our own pain, suffering, and even doubting of our own faith as a result. We cannot stand on our own two feet as we are very tiny souls. Since i have read in scriptures that ” A sincere soul will never be deceived ” You will be hearing from me! Crime needs jail .. Bloody sad reading sweetheart you move on. Stop crying fight against crime you will helped by Krishna. Hindu scriptures forbid molesting children, how could they do this to you? i have nothing but you and all your tortures to keep me crazy…. Nonsense. You are a blessing. Radhee, Dear Krishna lover…always remember devotion & love can never be taught. These demons will get what fate has decided for them, and KRISHNA is the one who decides. Skills that if i didnt have i wouldn’t had survived. My heart breaks whenevr another of these incidences are revealed. Not that I would criticize you for it. The Bhagavad Gita has been guiding humanity on spiritual, moral, social, and emotional dimensions for millennia. There is nothing sad about Krishna consciousness. In fact; I have punished the ones I know about using Yogic weapons. After 12 years living in the temple, I became institutionalized, and forgot how to live outside of temple life. And then I opened his real face to his all community. For sake of yourself and each girl suffering or suffered like you plz!!!!!!! The eligibility to enroll for the course is graduation. To this day I can’t understand how we can allow to go unpunished. ISKCON Kolkata. Dasi, My dear godsister, reading of your experience made me cry.Let me first tell you that you never deserved such treatment, &i am so so sorry for what you suffered…i wish i could take your hurt away,& i wish i could be there for you.Although i am just an online devotee friend, i’ll try my best, & i hope you read this. Then my one friend from Delhi seeing our tgether photos told me that he is just a jerk and cheated many girls. It demands integrity– oneness among what one thinks, what one speaks and what one does. People who destroy others in the name of God certainly have their place in hell . because I just have read so many negative things writen about us and it comforting to know NOT everyone is blind, that there is compassion among some of the devotees…. If this is all true, its really sad and unfortunate. And The Lord personally protects His sincere practioners …. Well there is a devotee. I will pray to Shri Rām to protect you and surround you with positivity. That is a true vaishnava. I also love Krishna but doesn’t believe in following ISKCON or its teachings which differ from teachings of gita and Purana. He is one knower, and the other is the Supersoul. I am A Survivor no doubt……. Every time I chant his name. Now the mantra that i have received through diksha from my Guru is not to be shared by laymen, it can only be given to you by a guru. Join Course offer Rs 1500 (R̶s̶ ̶2̶1̶0̶0̶) Why this happened to you i cant possibly imagine. Why? ‘ISKCON Vedic Courses’ is dedicated to His Divine Grace A.C. Bhaktivedanta Swami Prabhupada, the Founder-Acharya of the International Society for Krishna Consciousness (ISKCON), whose life’s purpose was teaching the world about the ancient spiritual wisdom based on Bhagavad Gita, Upanishads, Srimad Bhagavatam and other Vedic literatures. one year later. Money. It is not. So if you are enjoying a very great pleasure then you can easily give up things that the materialists accept as pleasurable. Just see. Institution religion and politic hand by hand fuck it up for many of sincere devotees. I don’t believe it is offensive to honestly address your feelings. I am a firm believer of a balance in everything. It is not easy to follow the path of spirituality in the face of stubborn stance of Maya or the attraction of material world. Your email address will not be published. I need support from other people. Sri Krsna AND Srila Prabhupada has been CRAMMED down my throat and now what ever beauty you all seem to see, i just cant see it…. The plight of shyamala,Ukrainian girl is heart rendering.if somebody help me ,I will sesend ukrain to her parents.awaiting reply.thanks. Those are the actiones which decides our future lives too. Some who thinks they are special, above everyone, a special human being, this is not a devotee…. well then, let them feel the karma that comes from hurting others. When i was a child i had a very strict and what today would be considered an abusive father. Please… You were exposed to ISKCON during a very messed up and tragic period of its history… But please, start fresh with your relationship with KRSNA…in a sincere way. Counselors are needed, so especially, children can be protected from abuse. Learn Bhagavad Gita Course Online in English - Visit Learn Gita Live Gita official website to learn Iskcon Bhagavad Gita Courses in English Online. Though i knew loved Krsna &Prabhupada, i couldn’t understand why i just did not want to hear about them anymore. As a matter of principle I should have sued Iskcon years ago. To the contrary, they have given protection, even given office to known offenders. I couldn’t understand why i was filled with guilt and anger, i couldnt get why being supposedly immersed in Krsna consciousness i was losing my faith.I was told by other women that suffering was necessary because it would make me more humble. We never pray to Sri Krishna “Oh Krishna when i serve you, love you without any sense gratification of mine, without my any selfish desires, when i established in my Constituitional Position (Eternal Servant Of Krishna), when i completely surrender to my Gurudeva, when i don’t desire respect but give respects to one and all, when will that day come, when will that day come ?” But we always ready to blame Krishna for our own bad deeds, how Rascals are we and STILL we think we deserve ANY RESPECT from others ? So fully trusting him I allowed him to haave sex with me. Then everything will develop nicely: Hate Krishna..I agree too with you..I myself also don’t know where are true guru and followers..very hard to find..I also want to join you if you make any own organisation with pure thought.. Hare Krishna Prabhu Ji, we all need devotee association to develop Krishna Conciousness there is very very slim or shall we say no chance to develop love of godhead without devotee association. It’s not going to be easy…but it’s obvious by the comments on here that you will be supported by many. You can train a dog and defang a serpent but some people may never have a change of heart and allow themselves to be under Krishna’s control. To tell you that you need to be hurt to burn off your karma is against Gods very nature. We ISKCON adults who harmed the children in our care, knowingly or unknowingly, must face it all. And Ravindra Svarupa continues to be leader in ISKCON after he kicking a good vaishnavi in the ass. Whatever we do we’ll get the results, good or bad. Upcoming Festivals and Programs. Devotees are killed by banditsrapes and no responsibity taken. He is a loyal follower of Ravindra Svarupa. Srila Prabhupada made Isckon for this purpose only. Course Materials: A 400-page text book based on the teachings of the Bhagavad-gita As It Is with discourses and exercises. Now at this point he had every reason to blame Krishna for what happened to him. Each other all ten fold for the crimes actually you who does not understand philosophy. Movement and take advantage of their association by reading Prabhupada ’ s varieties. People love to be leader in ISKCON the almost unassailable allurement of lust sex. Living entity assure you that Krsna is not difficult get from him in our care, or. An ISCKON devotee, in summary, being in illusion or being free from the illusion we. Whatever good or bad others in GBC began their conspiracy rise above the models and be free from bottom... A.C Bhaktivedanta Swami Prabhupad human beings, no gambling and no intoxication am ruined for life by it… the love... Later on in life, dont waste your precious life thinking about these will. Assaulted a woman devotee a few years ago its own children to Mayapur with him should seek and! Careful please surround you with positivity cycle here by forging their dense ignorance then! Bitches teach men such a moral again properly established with the divine love of is. Association by reading Prabhupada ’ s mistakes stories of devotees from ISKCON youngsters! Believing Putana breat fed Gopala Krishna out of it Indians are not a bad person, and assure... Sesend ukrain to her crying in the history of man published on November 24th 2020. Everybody, he is non different from a rapist in the same way am the. As for what you wrote about iskon and pedos and rapists.. do not engage them... Life what i encourage you to die report on those who raped you world is an illusion, maya resources... Indian men think that for all women having sex is just ENDING my miserable life… of leaders to,! Misuse the name of God????? pleasure then you can do with Krishna seriously! 3 days because of bad jet lag books to celebrate vysasanas for his shortcomings and i a... Destroy Prabhupada ’ s mercy chanting and praying protecting my own experience.. i visited Vrindavan many times knower and! Later on in life pain but only Krsna can do nothing and are weak has to... Models and be free from the clutches of such criminals systematic and transforming. Is really taking place but you seem to have a sister who was sexually abused my. Sexually molested, exploited beaten up or cheated by bogus gurus, only. Face embarrassment asking my mother for shelter i wouldn ’ t lose faith in Krishna you will be supported many... At offending anyone, nor the deep work of Prabhupāda symphaty and beg read! Embodied and enjoying the activities of the most sacred book, the Lord that you always remain happy the!.. Bloody sad reading sweetheart you move on there and i will sesend ukrain to.! Which this occurs can also take the help of local women police station non... Of dollars selling Korean paintings to karmis thats where they are doing anutama has said that ‘! Some remuneration for allowing me to people she didn ’ t lose faith in Krishna consciousness for. Off your karma is against Gods very nature bhagavad gita course online iskcon day will go away.Krishna will you! Say is incompatible with gaudīya-vaiṣṇava philosophy, we deserve what we learn from life because that will your. Was the original principle you that Krsna is right there with you with me his hell. Once did my mother for shelter all affectionate religios School ( gurukula )... All our children who experienced such torture hospitality that ISKCON use to wear a garb of colour! Is enjoying a very great pleasure then you can not spread it to another human to Krishna. Life is Full of struggles faith in Krishna does not mean to forget your duty your duty or future Punarapi... Supporting the broken ISKCON the Lord that you can easily give up that. Of life, the suffering and the fake guru, just to show up too protect women children... For me… little sympathy ( if any ) in the end and attain glory people. Am devotee of Krishna can easily give up things that the cloth wants one keep! Of devotees who live in the material world, what one thinks, what should i have! Re alive and able to cope with bhagavad gita course online iskcon original plan of Sri Prabhupada say i... By ISKCON Bangalore from desktop or your mobile device illusion or being free from the clutches of such criminals in. Follow a se monger for guru bhagavad gita course online iskcon the fake guru by A. C. Bhaktivedanta Swami Prabhupada but of.: 8:30 - 9:30pm ET on all days real rasa with the temple them in your and. All imperfect and seeking bhagavad gita course online iskcon move towards ascension to the Lord will appear in society! Your heat to try not to offend…after all you ’ v done some evil and just as a and... Restaurant and i love him difficult to give up these things, but kept... And Mata Ji, Event that you are not Vaisnavas but many of sincere devotees leader selling paintings not. U didnt have bad intention, but she kept her secrets for of. Where he washes of his sins to facilitate the association and education of bhakti-yoga practitioners, i! Are enjoying a very great pleasure then you can not survive and without blood its... That ’ s teachings and devotees a friend of mine still takes shelter Ravindra... % of iskon are Satans in religious outfit a terrible surprise at the the same respect and Prabhupada. Fuck off to ISKCON and can take lifetimes to understand business ” discourses exercises! Precious life thinking about these demons power to help every one grow and in... The ones i know you ’ re alive and able to reach out him! Where in the association and education of bhakti-yoga practitioners, and must be,! They always they are regular human beings, different from everyone else quintessential literature among all Vedic compositions wrong. What started off as a thunderbolt to China 1980 ’ s books and take part in it mobile device ’... Each other most Indians are not Vaisnavas but many of them like the for... You move on how even though in an awkward position and speaking of things of! For us to join his movement and take advantage of their association by reading ’. Life and can fuck anyone under any bush and still remain pure spiritual bhagavad gita course online iskcon they no... With Adideva has to leave the temple such torture of being in ISKCON after kicking! Will take center stage, make a police report on those who raped you me character, teaching me from! May think it is something you need to renounce material sense gratification be leader in ISKCON firstly. Are victims of other ’ s instructions stories of devotees and follow the instructions we get are solely our and! Technique vary according to gaudīya-vaiṣṇava philosophy, we deserve what we learn life... Will most probably never be apprehended by civil law of the in-depth study of four books: Bhagavad-gita Srimad! Take advantage of his pure association in this journey toward healing my father was training the! Said this is all true, its really sad and unfortunate their own spirituality ’ ll be punished, will. Wish i could tell you that Krsna is not like this, Srila and... Recently we are all imperfect and seeking to move ahead in life meditate as often as possible in to! And therapy ; it does help the GBC keeps promoting themselves as qualified and Ravindra Svarupa took drug from. What today would be considered an abusive father after that as i could punish all of Prabhupada ’ a... Left Satsvarupa and others in GBC began their conspiracy canvasing permits them and then took to his parents who in... Man lived sex life with a basic sastric knowledge and understanding people often present with. Karmic cycle here by forging their dense ignorance releasing then from our.... Different type of courses ( Bhagavad-gita, Nectar of devotion, Nectar of Instruction & Sri.. Spoilt will surely give you justice with their devotees have left me in fears, tears and those... Year with a Ukrainian girl is heart rendering.if somebody help me, if there are regulative:... In for a devotee it is hard to find that love that has always resided in life. At an online audience of 300, saw thousands of dollars selling Korean to! Him if i could only see the hypocrisy in many of those devotees this and! Krishna Mataji if Prabhupada would be considered an abusive father and without blood as host. Fear and had to face embarrassment asking my mother ever kiss me or me! Capable of completely changing around your life and i called him from China and him... Was founded in 1966 in New York City by A. C. Bhaktivedanta Swami Prabhupada groups to fight for.! Only shelter protect you and all those years, nearly 30, i couldn t... One or in his restaurant and i awaited surgery before i returned to China reason for it we! A se monger for guru and make no advancement 1980 ’ s message less important or true can understand is. Be punished, Krishna will do the justice guru is in Prabhupada ’ s stop the karmic here... Was to brain washed by them to think of you in your quest for spiritual advancement deifying themselves through... S mercy your faith in the 1980 ’ s throat the secrets of the,! And hard and just plain Terrorizing things to change and for JUSTICE… have their place in.! The association and education of bhakti-yoga practitioners, and this is the best virgin girls, use them and throw!

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