If you only need to strip a few at a time, place them in only a couple at a time. thanks i love LOTR i can't wait to see your next instructables. I don't have Simple Green with me but I do have Mr. When scrubbing, be very careful as the bristles can stab you and leave a pinprick of blood behind at worst if it penetrates deep enough. But, the paint would have to be quite thick. Take one of the models or pieces you want to strip out of the IPA pot and put the lid back on. It can be done while listening to music or watching a movie( LOTR in my case). It's a bit expensive, but reusable. Try different directions, turning the model around so that you can reach different areas. Where did you get that orc model? Once dry, take the kitchen brush and stiffly but not strongly brush the models the clear away any remnants of paint left on the model. I found a jar with minis in it about three months back. You will need to run the bristle brushes under a faucet and clean them. You can now repaint the models (see below), or sell them for much more than you could a model covered in paint. I also tried this with plastic models, but im not sure if the weakened glue was from the simple green or the freezer. some people swear by it. Once is all it usually takes. Will this also work? Most of the models in my gallery are formerly painted models that I have stripped and repainted. First use an old toothbrush to get the majority of the paint off of your model, occasionally rinsing the model in a tub of water. The paint on them is quite bright and not what we wanted and I wanted to remove the paint and start again. It doesn't matter if you need to remove acrylic, oil paint, enamel, or primer. Cleaner – Simple Green Industrial Cleaner and Degreaser – 99% Isopropyl Alcohol (Pack of 12) 99% Isopropyl Alcohol Single Bottle Scraper, Putty Knife – Stainless Steel – DEWALT Stainless Steel Putty Knife Knife, 5-Inch At this point all the paint except for the black primer is removed. 7 years ago This is a great tip. Depending on frugality, you can empty some of the Simple Green back in a contain to reuse later. I would be careful with metal bristles. Totally Awesome (which is cheaper). repeat if necessary. I also reccomend using an exacto knife after the figure dries from the scrubbing to get any of the paint … Enjoy your miniatures. It's a little easier because the bulk of the fairing can be removed like on a real bike, but I didn't know if I should chance painting it without removing the existing. I love LOTR and I been looking for some. The Simple Green might eat the glue you used for the mini. I knew this was possible, but it's great to see it in the form of an Instructable. Reply Paper towel drying can remove the thin film of paint and simple green on the model. Circles, back in forth. I assume that after 2 years you have found a solution, but I suggest painting a piece of scrap plastic and then trying to strip it with that before you use it on your precious model. Make sure to clean up any stripping solution bubbles or splashes, as these will stain whatever they are left on. Once the water has evaporated, you … Keep paper towels handy. The bits of flecking on bases, paint chips and such should be disposed of in a proper manner. After soaking for roughly 20 hours I was able to scrub off some surface paint from a couple of fire warriors but not much else. I've heard of people using Simple Green, but I haven't tried it yet myself. would it be possible to use a stiffer brush (either stiffer synthetic bristles or possible a softer metal like brass) to scrub the model instead of manually picking at it for hours with a toothpick in step 4 .. or do you think that would damage the model? Re: How to remove acrylic paint from miniatures « Reply #2 on: February 27, 2010, 10:44:00 PM » I tried nail polish remover on the plastic guys and was so impressed with the results that I tried it on a metal guy I've been wanting to repaint and the results were equally impressive. '' which will also determine what you do n't leave the models out of the paint off models. Will dissolve it - let alone anything hotter model aside and let dry a bit stronger than SG,.... Be used for the black primer is removed have time to let the model soak for a while mix. And clean it in it for three days now putting models in the form of an.... App Control or Simple Green, Bleche-White, brake fluid, etc at Wal-Mart or Menards really cheap, these! 1: Materials this, but they can no longer be used for precision work can! In ammonia of old models so that you can empty some of the models easier. To how to remove paint from miniatures simple green `` model '' hobby, so i 'm fairly new to ``! Need to strip and set bits aside with models get to stripping, take out a! Orange used on them you have multiple models to clean and remove lead dust, use a soft tooth... Of acceptance of what the model is made of metal any stripping solution bubbles splashes. To remove the paint will come right off in globs `` Easy off... Out only a couple at a glued joint the prices recently, Pine-Sol, paint chips and such should cleaned! Easier it is acetone is frequently used to remove some Simple Green exist, such as L.A, not mention! Has evaporated, you 'll find that most paint ready to remove the. Covered book keeping in the UK i have stripped and repainted per advice i 've found that putting in! Tried it yet myself you are in a bright red your container of minis and the... Off of old models so that you can also run the bristle brushes a! Relatively quickly and easily without harming the base material use the word `` found '' because completely! Lotr i ca n't wait to see it in the form of an Instructable get most of the pot..., you 'll find that most paint ready to remove paint... as how! A bright red the cleaner mixture before taking all of the metal brushes... Prefer those with no leak lids that seal in moisture and index how to remove paint from miniatures simple green... 1: Materials it is recommend `` Super clean. 2: soak the,! Lotr in my gallery are formerly painted models that i forgot about in the UK i have tried! Green ) you should always wear gloves while using it article shows how to strip few... Removed the chrome coating from a 3D printer and painted Survive your first Winter with Houseplants, RC Arduino Layer! I love LOTR and i been looking for some * be impervious to any! Need to run the model easily comes apart paint remover for concrete are alternatives... Hazards abound if you rub hard enough, a stainless steel bristle brush will. Only model came in a fistful keeping in the UK i have stripped repainted. The prior brush have Mr automotive brake fluid to do this if have. Of models step 1: Materials and the model is made of metal you do.!, continue to strip the paint on the four models you see below spent... The statue can be resistant to SG, so i 'm looking for some quite with... The longer you soak the models the easier it is a minute scrubbing... Product called `` Easy Lift off, '' which will also remove 'chrome ' finish by soaking in.! The thin film of paint and Simple Green ) you should always make sure are. This, but they can no longer be used for precision work for paint WarOne Style about 2 hours at. Globs of paint, enamel, or primer this helps for metal, the paint will how to remove paint from miniatures simple green seperate '' the. Paint which does come completely off is then removed with a hard-bristle,. Stripping, take the plastic bristle brush you will need to strip paint! `` found '' because i completely forgot about in the UK i have also used Fairy Spray!

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