Number plates will be issued, which you must immediately attach to your vehicle. If the number plates are attached to a NSW registered vehicle: Download and complete Number Plates and/or Cancellation of Registration Application Form – PDF. 95% of plates are also overvalued by their owners… To get started on this rather tricky topic let’s take a look the different types of plates in order of their ability to be valued. Visit the service centre where you want the plates stored and submit the completed form, the plates and your payment (minimum 1 year). myPlates personalised number plates are an easy and affordable way to customise your vehicle. Does any know how much the NSW slim white number plates cost? Terms & conditions/privacy statement. ... New plates cost $44 for the standard content yellow and $104 for the standard content, slim-line black on white. You can order these number plates online, through myPlates. With over 60 styles to choose from and differing levels of personalisation, you can be as subtle or as obvious as you like. Whether you want to enhance the look of your vehicle, or express a part of your personality, myPlates has a personalised number plate to suit you. ; Remove the number plates from the vehicle. It's a simple process: get an "Exchange / Transfer Number Plates" form (from the RTA or download) fill out column 1; get your dad to fill out Column 2 With personalised plates, you can choose new letters and numbers on a set format. I'm selling my main car and it has the number plate Ive had since my first car in high school so I have some sentimental value towards it. Archive View Return to standard view. - Is it better if this friend transfers the desired plates and the other registers for a standard number plate i.e. Does it cost me anything if I want to swap my plates with my dad's other car. The fact is that 95% of number plates are incredibly difficult to put a value on. It's so simple to sell your plates on! User #116177 27863 posts. Please indicate your acceptance of the terms and conditions below by clicking on the "I Accept" button. When selling a number plate you need to come up with a value for the plate, but how do you know what that value is?. - Can I swap plates with a friend? Custom plates allow you to create your own content on an open format. NSW plate swap between both my cars. There's this form for transferring plates, but it mentions"You can swap Number Plate/s with a family member, a company, an employee or deceased estate." These plates can easily be transferred from one owner to another by completing a form and paying a fee. Once an offer has been received you can elect to accept, reject, or make a counter offer. Registration certificates are not issued in NSW for light vehicles. Your personal details are kept private, and you will be notified of offers on your plates via email. The Bin Chicken. Whirlpool Forums Addict reference: I swapped plates the other week, RTA charged $50. If you'd like to personalise your number plates, you can order special plates with a variety of options, including background colour, letters and style of plate. Other custom plates can be transferred, but only between family members, employees or a deceased estate. Usually the buyer of the private number plate covers the £80 fee, and if you are looking to buyer a private number plate from an agent you will see the £80 added to the cost of the plate. Selling a NSW custom plate. posted 2011-May-13, … Transfer to a retention certificate: If you do not accept these terms and conditions, click on the "I Decline" button - you will be unable to use the Rego Calculator website. Im looking at getting a new car soon and I'd prefer these over the standard yellow ones. (Understand I can do it within family) - What are the costs involved? TfNSW has a registration calculator on its site which gives a guide to the cost of registration, not including the cost of the green slip or blue slip. Keen to swap number plates with a friend and need some guidance.

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