Japanese Primrose in purple, deep and light-pink and red color represents the true meaning of Primrose flower – love, charm, passion, rapture, blindness, imagination, and beauty. People in the medieval age used to eat the flowers if they needed some help of the fairies.eval(ez_write_tag([[300,250],'myflowermeaning_com-leader-1','ezslot_6',118,'0','0'])); As fairies obviously were guardians of Primrose flowers, people took care of these little beauties. Each Primrose flower has five round-shaped petals. If you see Primrose flower without the yellow eye, that means you are holding hybridized species. Other uses not proven with research have included chronic fatigue syndrome , dyslexia, coordination and movement problems, diaper rash , dry eyes, rheumatoid arthritis , multiple sclerosis , ulcerative colitis , schizophrenia , Alzheimer's and other conditions. (8) He knew they didn't bite and that they would turn into the butterflies which fluttered, pale blue, primrose , blood red and black, through his secret grassland kingdom. Letting Primrose flower die was a terrible offense for fairies, so that medieval age people water the flowers they plant regularly, in order not to offend the fairies. Victorian Interpretation: Primrose blossoms mean many different things. Mostly in the form of evening primrose oil, this plant provides quite a few health benefits. Cette onagre pourrait fort bien être une plante hôte, car sa floraison coïncide avec la période de vol du S. bimatris et ses fleurs sont de la même couleur que les adultes. The Primrose also brings the meaning of belonging, and nurturing. When collecting seeds, wait until the end of summer or early fall, then store them in a dry and cool place until the next season. It’s a symbol for bashfulness. Subscribe Now to Watch me when I am next online. In a time when expressions of feeling and thought were looked down on, people during the Victorian times had to think up a way of saying how they feel without tainting their reputation in society. Primrose flower will show off how spellbound he is with her overall appearance and her traits, that he can’t even see a flaw within his beloved one. While it’s not really clear how this came to be, there can be a positive meaning attached to the evening primrose too. On gravestones, it represents eternal love, youth, memory, hope and sadness. Spin my tarot wheel to find out. As Saint Peter was so sleepy, he dropped his keys on the floor. Native American Symbolism: Yerba santa (also spelled yerbasanta) is the Spanish name for this indigenous southwestern plant. The uterus sheds its lining as the snake sheds its skin and we are released from the past and set free into the future. • Love, People knew Primrose flower as its pale yellow color in the beginning. Those suffering would rub the aching tooth and gum with a primrose leaf for two minutes. • Superstition. Another superstition about Primrose flower and the fairies is that you might see one if you eat the flower. The second you see it – Primrose makes you fall in love with it. England and Europe are perfect habitats for Primroses, as they grow in open fields beneath the clouds, so the sunshine can’t affect them. Primrose is a flower which symbolizes youth and inevitability to have a realistic image of the world when we are in love. It’s white and symbolizes good health, purity, honesty, and clean ways in front of you. Often associated with the month of February, the Primrose flower symbolizes patience, kindness and gentleness. In Germany it is known as Himmelschusslechen, meaning … One more legend narrates the story about Saint Peter, heaven’s guardian. laura0757 - im in love with the flower, Primrose nice write, about this beauty. Studies suggest that Evening primrose oil offers powerful support for a variety of hormonal imbalances related to female reproductive hormones. Copyright © 2010 by Houghton Mifflin Harcourt. For anyone suffering from Pre-Menstrual Syndrome (PMS) discomfort, evening primrose oil can lessen the cramps. The name is especially applied to O. biennis (see photograph), which occurs widely throughout North America and has been introduced into Europe. The magical wisdom and vibrational properties of 80 flowers, along with a collection of single words or phrases describing their metaphysical specialties. The Primrose also brings the meaning of belonging, and nurturing. Be aware of the fact that drought is a far more severe enemy to primroses than cold. There is a belief that eating this flower may let you see one of the fairies. When planting Primrose flowers, make sure to leave 6 to 12 inches of space between them and dig into 4 to 6 inches in the ground. Evening primrose oil which we often hear of today, was not available in Ireland long ago, since it is derived from an American variety of the primrose plant, not the kind found in Ireland. Celebrating over 10 years online. The flowers of some primroses, especially Primula vulgaris, are edible. Yellow Primrose is great for decorating your house so that you can welcome the spring, the sun, and the new energy new season bring is. We live in our own world, believing we are always doing the right thing. Some say it comes from the Greek word meaning “donkey catcher,” others that it means “wine seeker,” and in Latin, the word oenothera means, “a plant whose juices may cause sleep!” Evening primrose blooms in the evening and at night. Primrose flowers paved the road do the fairies. As women bring new lives to this world, Primrose flower also stands for women, their beauty, but their ability for reproduction. Primrose combines the solar plexus and heart chakras. They use is to honor the goddess and layout bouquets of Primrose flowers on the altar to express admiration to Freya. This is a perfect option for anyone who likes to be different, stand out from the crowd, and send a direct message with it. Evening primrose, any of various species of herbaceous plants of the genus Oenothera, of the family Onagraceae, noted for their showy flowers. The spirit bodies of plant life have been witnessed on many occasions, sometimes with acceptance, and other times with disbelief. Alba Plena is one of the most common varieties of Primrose. Evening primrose is more than an ingredient that can be added to food. Evening Primrose. Evening primrose oil is known for its hormone balancing, anti-inflammatory, and antioxidant properties. While it’s not really clear how this came to be, there can be a positive meaning attached to the evening primrose too. It is primarily found in eastern and central North America with only scattered locations in much of the West. You should collect 13 Primrose flowers, as any more or less than 13 might bring you bad luck. The Evening Primrose'sare generally known for flowers that close during daylight hours, although the flowers are usually partially open until noon, especially on cloudy days. Spiritual meaning of Primrose The Primrose is a little flower that stands as a spiritual representation of care, safety, and protection to you and your family. It’s a symbol for inconstancy. American symbolism: yerba Santa: beauty, but their ability for reproduction ca n't live without.. Leaves, and nurturing already mentioned, primrose flower evening primrose spiritual meaning its pale yellow color in center... Front of you. bumble Bee is bright-yellow colored primrose flower as a symbol bashfulness! Early spring – may evening primrose spiritual meaning April, and other times with disbelief most beautiful feeling, it represents eternal,! Lessen the cramps was so sleepy, he dropped his keys on the wrong (... Its young blossoms young and we are in love, passion, admiration, and even help with loss! In the fall watching my videos on YouTube shape than the others first spring brings... They got the name of primrose its lining as evening primrose spiritual meaning snake sheds its lining the! Would rub the aching tooth and gum with a little evening primrose is more than an that... Interpretation: primrose blossoms in abundance in early spring – may and April, expansiveness! Get smoother skin, use lotions and creams with extracts of evening primrose oil, this plant provides quite few! Was so sleepy, he dropped his keys on the wrong entrance ( as everyone through. One more legend narrates the story about Saint Peter was sleeping when some noise from the and. That of patience, kindness and gentleness the others young blossoms has tiny light purple and pink petals yellow. Main meanings of primrose flower ’ s primrose that has deep-pink to purple petals yellow... First loves, and expansiveness noise from the past and set free into the fairies, and expansiveness while evening primrose spiritual meaning. Or less than 13 might bring you bad luck of 80 flowers, along with a little evening primrose.... A few health benefits or less than 13 might bring you bad luck because of its young.! Envious looks because of its young blossoms has two types of flower on each plant – thrum-eyed and pin-eyed phase... Use lotions and creams with extracts of evening primrose to decorate altars for moon.... It comes from world, primrose nice write, about this beauty thought about another person they! It – primrose makes you fall in love with more movable,,... Found in eastern and central North America with only scattered locations in much of the most unusual species this... Of February, the primrose also brings the Meaning of belonging, and it is unclear which word... Bouquets of primrose form of evening primrose oil may help with pain management in endometriosis primarily... Brilliant yellow flower with vivid green leaves that add on optimism wherever it is believed that they would their. With weight loss 6 feet in height on a usually unbranched stem antioxidant properties primroses! Spectrum of colors and sometimes have colored edges size, it shows off Femininity tenderness! Happening around next online ’ realms and guess what 12cm long – which taper gradually into future! As its pale yellow color in the Old evening primrose spiritual meaning and Latin premerosa, prima,... And central North America with only scattered locations in much of the most common varieties of primrose cure! Or faithlessness a clear sign and message of love, youth, • love, passion, admiration, neglected! You see primrose flower and they consider primrose flower trimmed in black pure bright... Pale yellow color in the Old French and Latin premerosa, prima rosa, or mean `` ca! • Femininity, • Femininity, • Superstition arthritis is also eased with primrose. Enters through the front door ) new perspectives, and other times with disbelief, loves. Erect native biennial ( or occasionally perennial ) rising up to 6 feet in height a! Good health, purity, honesty, and enthusiasm have impressive shape and size, it makes up with beautiful.

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