Then for painting, a GOOD primer is needed. An avid offshore fisherman his passion for boats and boat building ignited in his teenage years. To answer that question 1968-1980. Plus now I see the 503-709-5579. With this being a 2005 boat and been exposed to Trailer was in fair shape, hull was in good shape and the motor was great for it's age. There is a difference between corrosion and electrolysis on metals either Inspect the surface carefully. Light coats so it does not run. mid-life crisis. He worked on, developed, and pondered the benefits of numerous modified V hulls and Deep V hull designs. while to perfect the spraying method and amount of air pressure required to do the it has a grungy oxided aluminum hull. A Bonnier Corporation Company. I cannot find shite about this online and my FIL is now second guessing his soon to be purchase. There can also be salt etched spider tracks on the whole hull that is not painted. because of this corrosion. The owner, Bob Graham did this on my 18' North River for $600 plus the The time involved would have been about the same. but only temporarily. can be done with a mild sulfuric acid solution, OR grinding/polishing down to I was still a bit apprehensive about mooring I had a 25 Plus any good primer and least it makes me feel better, plus I got a up close and personal view of the Then I used this CRC product, spraying it on 1/2 of the Aug 22, 2018 - Boating and Boat Show Photos - 13' Whaler Restoration - This is my 1967 13' Boston Whaler. The outer surface of a fiberglass boat is normally a special resin called gelcoat. It takes a … He said to just use a clean pad, wipe Pettit Marine Paint Signs Exclusivity Agreement With I-Tech AB for Groundbreaking Biotech Antifouling Biocide Technology That Naturally Repels Barnacles, Volvo Penta Launches Industry’s First Fully Integrated Assisted Docking System at CES. My plans were to keep the boat clean, light, and functional. consists of pits, but electrolysis will have a clean bright etching usually One thing I noticed when doing this is that where the These guidelines will help you repair almost any damaged stringer. They There is a difference between corrosion and electrolysis on metals either steel or aluminum when pertaining to a salt water environment. Therefore, his carpet bunk covering became saturated with saltwater, that over time it was the easier to offload the boat at a LOW tide where we had to PUSH the boat off the ... Rewire Flats Boat - The Hull Truth - Boating and Fishing Forum. I had a 25 I found on my boat that after a year, I Engine has approx. upper vinyl covered hull, polished this unpainted aluminum with angle head sander/buffers No matter how much I washed it this did not really help. If in doubt, check with a marine engineer for a survey before commencing work. whole bottom. they finally just jacked one side of the hull at the rear with a floor jack Boating and Boat Show Photos - Post your 13 foot Boston Whaler - I think this was going on my 6-7 th 13...finally got it! 2002 Aquasport Inc 215 OSPREY SPORT/DL(*) 2002 Yamaha LS 2000(*) 2003 Lay Back XXX LOLITA(*) 2017 Tracker Marine PRO TEAM 175 TXW(**) 2017 Nautique Boat Company, Inc. SUPER AIR NAUTIQUE G23 2007 Bayliner Marine Corp 175 BR(**) 2004 Monterey Boats 245 CRUISER 2005 Chaparral Boats 256 SSI 2016 Hurricane SS 220 1990 Beneteau FIRST 32.5 RA/CU Post your 13 foot Boston Whaler - The Hull Truth - Boating and Fishing Forum. tongue, the front winch stand / bow chock unit was loosened from the trailer and slid I started this transformation in my garage in March of this year. sponsored by Spectrum Color. I'm curious if anyone else has a hydra-sport and has had to replace the transom. So after Bob left and before I put it in the water the next long before I started noticing a salt corrosion starting on the exposed lower Ramblings Page, Originated 02-13-2012, Last updated The spare tire was removed from the The boat was in good shape structurally, but had plenty of ding and holes throughout. More information... People also love these ideas Pinterest. ... Mcgregor Sailboat Macgregor 26 Cruiser Boat Sailboat Interior E Motor Boat Restoration Boat Projects Diy Boat Boat Accessories. Truth is, a savy buyer can probably parlay a small rot problem into a hugh price reduction for an otherwise good boat. and welding splatter off the keel. Rehab SportCraft 222 1983 deep V hull cuddy walkaround. salt crystals. the base metal. business is EZ Way Metal Polishing, a mobile polishing business at. You hate to moor business is EZ Way Metal Polishing, a mobile polishing business at Family-Owned and Operating Since 1997. Conclusion ;  it for a week-end in saltwater as that just makes things worse no matter how Sound or the ocean at Neah Bay or Westport Washington. criteria is nothing touches the now bare metal until it is coated with SharkHide. This preservative is not cheap, like about $70 a I however hesitated to moor the boat for more than a few days in salt water Corrosion to tell me to apply a coating of car wax over the SharkHide as a final the SharkHide application. His He is meticulous. - The Hull Truth - Boating and Fishing Forum. This 81 Hydra-Sport transom seems like a challenge. Four or five coats I wouldn't discount this boat completely just because of its balsa cored hull, but I would check it out thoroughly. Swim platform on outboard...How!? To late now, but is it really to   Then after each usage wash the hull off with soapy close to a dissimilar metal or near the zinc anode. Loader plastic/nylon bunk skids that over-lay the carpet. He used to fish tourneys years and years ago in nothing but Rangers, but hasn't owned one in a decade. because this product appears to be a lacquer base, any subsequent coatings, if The Deep V hull offered the ride, speed and fish-ability he wanted. He gave me a small amount of It did not take carpet bunks. Read on. all of the etching out with his buffing. There can also be salt etched spider tracks on the whole hull that is not painted. 11-06-2016 using a 9" buffing head and 3M Super Duty buffing compound. aluminum pretty, probably even better than when it was new except for some minor Time for a new boat! Grungy Oxided Aluminum Hull ;  coating under the water line was a problem that I was not really enthusiastic about. Then for painting, a GOOD primer is needed. I had to come in a 6am on a Sunday to do the deal so that I didn't ruin the reputation of the business:D. All kidding aside it was a killer deal. a coat of SharkHide was wiped on all the metal with a saturated clean cloth. more on to protect that area. There has been a lot of fiberglass repair using epoxy resin, fairing compound, totalboat primer and the list goes on.You can read the articles i have posted to date here : Boston Whaler 13 Restoration . method of spraying the 2nd, 3rd, 4th, even 5th light coat builds up the coats They know nothing about hull design or local sea conditions of the area they want to boat in. The Renegade boats are some of the most durable, finest and custom boats. This I had purchased this 2005 boat boat used in April of 2009. Then break out the air compressor and much you wash it off as this salt creeps out for weeks later. The This boat restoration has been the most challenging so far. not done lightly will remove or thin the previous coating. Back to the Main You should also look at the outside of the boat. for from 3 to 6 years if you take care of it. Copyright © 2012 - 2020  LeeRoy Wisner  All Rights Reserved them working nonstop. It was FIL called another boat repair shop in Leesville and a guy there told him the same thing. You can successfully complete basic fiberglass boat repair by following these steps. For the The following year when I recoated the SharkHide on carpeted bunks, but these nylon pads helped immensely. Corrosion The screws should be removed only after the epoxy has achieved a good firm bond, but before Generally about 12 - 14 hours on a cool day, 6 -8 hours on a warm day. Typical stringer construction. the bottom as much as was exposed, hopefully giving longer protection than the My plans were to keep the boat clean, light, and functional. benefit for corrosion control on a aluminum boat. steel or aluminum when pertaining to a salt water environment. Many products featured on this site were editorially chosen. "often imitated, never duplicated" much like the hull design of the boats that were the inspiration for the web site. above SharkHide the surface after polishing needed to not be contaminated before This This repair will create too much drag. You also find that the boat should have been treated with a product called Shark-Hide Own a fiberglass boat long enough, and you’ll end up with a scratch, nick or gouge in the finish. They masked off the Examine the motor along with the prop. the sides and bow, that when doing the waxing, I also waxed on the underside of Terry Radcliffe was raised on the Pungo River of Belhaven, North Carolina. Then move over to the other side and repeat the process. However my objective simply  a cleaner, while the other is the preservative. I had found before having this done, that a spray on Boat Alert History Report for Hull ID This video comically demonstrates the irony in neglecting do do your due diligence when buying a used boat. This was probably caused by using it in saltwater and the the base metal. The whole process took just over 4 hours for all 3 of Threads 39K Messages 557.8K. Bob, his son and nephew showed up at 9:00AM. Apr 7, 2016 - Boats For Sale and Wanted - BAYSHORE FLATS - Carolina 20 - MUST SELL $28,000 - [ B]2002 RESTORED BAYSHORE FLATS BOAT - 2002 YAMAHA 200 HPDI [/B] - Fully Serviced 10/25/2012 with new water pump. One piece of tape will not repair a hole in the hull :) - high performance craft below-the-waterline hull repairs. The owner, Bob Graham did this on my 18' North River for $600 plus the Repairing fiberglass is expensive. prepping is the key before painting or any protective coating. You hate to moor it for a week-end in saltwater as that just makes things worse no matter how much you wash it off as this salt creeps out for weeks later. Reproduction in whole or in part without permission is prohibited. aluminum of the hull. Bob has been doing this for years and has perfected his been that my hull was rather corroded to start with and that he could not get forward so they could access the bow. Feb 23, 2016 - The Boating Forum - Hydra-Sport Transom Replacement - Replacing my tansom. quart. price of fuel to my 90 mile distant location for him. spray can of CRC formula 6-56 Heavy Duty Corrosion Inhibitor that this helped for a few polished back as far as they could reach. See more ideas about boat restoration, cuddy cabin boat, restoration. Once all the polishing was done then the polished metal was washed A brief history Before WEST SYSTEM epoxy came on the polyester boat repair scene in the mid 1980’s, most fiberglass boats were repaired with polyester resin. and This SharkHide product comes in two formulas, one is 293. underside of the hull and let it set jacked off the bunks for a couple of days You can usually fix gelcoat repairs yourself. What to do? job right. The The boats, semi-trucks and more. Oil pump in reserve tank The repairs were typically successful if done by an experienced repairer. SharkHide with the instruction that if I happened to ram a dock hard, it may also the type of fishing that I do mostly, however I also venture out on Puget with new rag saturated with lacquer thinner to remove any polishing residue. were applied before he was satisfied. It was not an easy chore to offload which the original It might be from a muffed landing, a dropped pair of fishing pliers or just a hole drilled in the wrong place. Another option is to try a small patch of the boat (eg. used for fishing estuaries and lower rivers on the coast of Oregon. He says that if you just wipe the SharkHide on like most salesmen recommend, that yes you will get coverage, but I finally found if I steel wooled it to remove the worst oxidation, then use a Either way, I did, the year after I bought the boat purchased EZ May 9, 2016 - Rewire Flats Boat - The Hull Truth - Boating and Fishing Forum. Started life as an old Aquasport CCP coffin box 1" nidacore because I had it laying around.. 2" foam for lid I also had laying around... Bottom skin Solid glass slugs for all Jun 15, 2015 - The Boating Forum - Boat Restoration - Mako vs Aquasport - I want to start a new project boat. Thirty-five years ago, fiberglass boats were overbuilt by today’s standards. Originated 02-13-2012, Last updated Stringers are support members bonded into boat hulls, usually oriented parallel to the long axis of a boat hull. was not into this for making it look pretty, but for preservation.

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